V-Ray for Maya and Gamma Settings

V-Ray for Maya and Gamma Settings


My name is Alex Tacu and I want to explain what are the correct gamma setting that you need to use when you render with V-Ray for Maya.

Firs of all let’s have a look what result you get when you don’t set anything.

For this I made a simple scene with 3 cubes.

The left one has a simple VRay Material whit the difuse color set to pure white (255, 255, 255)

The middle cube hase allso a VRay Material but this time in the difuse channel I pluged in a texture.

The right cube has a simple VRay Material whit the difuse color set to pure red(255, 0, 0)

Render setting are like this:

The result is like this:

this is too dark

iso on the physical camera was 100, i’ll set it to 400:

much better but there is a problem with the texture on the middle cube

As you can see, colors look much better but the texture that i used for cube doesn’t have the same color as the original.

So to fix that we need to change a few render settings:

Set gamma in color mapping to 2.2

Check “Linear workflow”


And the result looks like this.

now the texture looks much closer to the original

So these are the few steps that i personaly use in my workflow to get the best result with VRay for Maya

To recap:

Color mapping:


Type: Exponential

Gamma: 2.2

Check “Linear workflow”

VRay Physical Cameara enabled (iso 350-400, depending on the scene)

Sun and Sky created


Thanks for reading.

Feel free to comment if you like it and request some other topics.

yours Alex T


  1. nice and helpful tuts

  2. good tut dude thanks to you

  3. Dude,How I can get VRay Physical Camera in Maya?

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